Who am I?

20180411_172813An environmentally conscious beauty lover: because playing with cosmetics is fun and perfectly possible without hurting our planet. We only have one, so let’s protect it.

A movie buff: because each film is like a fantasy world you can visit. Which is, of course, totally awesome!

A traveller: because travelling in the real world is even more awesome! And because our planet is so beautiful and interesting, it would be a sin not to see all of it.

A foodie: because food is life. And good food is just like heaven!

An occasional vegetarian: because – and I have to admit it – I can’t renounce meat altogether. I do understand, however, that the amount of meat we consume daily is not a sustainable way of life. So, I try to reduce my ecological footprint the best way that I can.

A polyglot: because I love all five languages I speak. I once read that: “A language is a window to another world.” And each of these worlds makes me a better and richer person.

A reader: because good books are just as important for our mind as healthy food is for our body. Books feed our intellect and activate our emotions. An interesting book and a nice cup of tea/coffee or a good glass of wine can be more than enough for a relaxing evening.