Lush – Think Pink Bath Bomb

Some of you may have guessed by now that I’m a huge bath person. I simply love trying out new bath products. But no matter what I try, my favourite is and always will be: bath bombs! So far those from Lush are the best ones I’ve tried. They’re also unbelievably beautiful. I mean, just look at that pink delight!

My favourite thing about this bath bomb is glitter, glitter and glitter! There was glitter everywhere, so my bath looked really shiny and pink and totally glamorous. The smell was also very nice. If I could, I would have lived in that bath. At least for a while.

20180227_192759Lush products are commonly known for their natural ingredients and this bath bomb is not an exception. It contains a whole bunch of non-toxic and safe ingredients. Some of which are: vanilla absolute, which not only smells good but is also antibacterial; tonka absolute, which also smells sweet and reduces inflammation; and neroli oil, which has a toning effect on the skin.

So you can totally indulge yourself in a luxurious bath without feeling guilty, because you’re not harming the environment. Or any animals for that matter, because Lush doesn’t test its products on animals and they don’t buy raw materials from companies that are involved in animal testing. Huge thumbs up!

And if you don’t like pink, Lush offers a whole range of lovely and interesting bath bombs. You should definitely try one. Let me know what you think and have a spectacular day!

About the brand: Lush is a pretty famous brand, but in case you didn’t know here are a couple of interesting facts. In 2007 Lush launched its Charity Pot, a hand and body lotion. The profit from the sale of this product goes entirely to animal welfare, human rights and environmental organisations. Also, since 2008 the brand stopped using palm oil in its products, because it comes from trees in the natural habitat of orangutans and because their cultivation endangers biodiversity.

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