Acquarella – Nail Polish in Vex

A good black nail polish is not that easy to come by, so I’m very happy I found this one. The colour is really beautiful and the polish doesn’t have this typical harsh chemical scent.

It’s, generally, quite different from other nail polishes. For example, it’s water-based, so it dries bottom up and not top down. This means that on the surface it will dry pretty fast, but underneath it will take much longer. It’s even advised to apply this nail polish before bedtime. Also, you shouldn’t get any water on it in the first couple of hours after application.


And seeing as this nail polish is water-based you need to apply several layers to get the best result. Especially with such a dark colour. When I use a black polish, I want my nails to look completely and flawlessly black.

It may all seem like quite a hassle, but what you get in return is so much more. This nail polish is non-toxic, nickel-free and certified vegan. On top of that, it doesn’t contain parabens or camphor, mercury, lead, toluene, ketones or any petrochemical solvents or aromatic hydrocarbons. I’ve used it a few times now and trust me, it’s worth it. And it’s really not as much work as it sounds.

About the brand: Acquarella is an American brand of water-based nail products. None of their products are tested on animals and they do not contain any animal products or byproducts. The company has been recognised by PETA for this.

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